GPC Opening Hours

Opening hours during Easter holidays

We have opted to keep our ordinary opening hours during all of Easter.

Health and Safety Media

Export to China

In accordance with new demands from Chinese authorities Gardermoen Perishable Center is now registered for export of seafood to China. This means that we will be able to receive and process all shipments to China. For more information on the topic we kindly refer you to the Norwegian Food Authorities (Mattilsynet).

GPC Opening Hours

Opening hours during the holiday season

Opening hours during Christmas and New Years will be unchanged. Please be advised that the unloading hours refer to when the unloading will be completed.

Opening hours reception;
Monday: 05 – 16
Tuesday: 23 (on Monday) – 18
Wednesday: 23 (on Tuesday) – 18
Thursday: 23 (on Wednesday) – 18
Friday: 23 (on Thursday) – 18
Saturday: 23 (on Friday) – 16
Sunday: 05 – 14

Unloading hours;
Monday: 05 – 16
Tuesday: 00 – 18
Wednesday: 00 – 18
Thursday: 00 – 18
Friday: 00 – 18
Saturday: 00 – 16
Sunday: 05 – 14


New procedure regarding packing lists.

Starting from Monday the 8th of June we have a new automated system that handles packing lists. It is imperative that the subject on the email sent to us follow a very specific formula in order for the system to process these emails.

All those effected should have gotten an email today with thorough instructions. If you are a partner who send these lists to us and have not gotten this email, please contact us immediately.

Health and Safety Media Warehouse

Measures taken due to the Corona-situation

Starting immediately we have implemented some measures due to the current situation. We have more than doubled the amount of cleaners, who will also take extra care of cleaning any and all surfaces that are exposed to human interaction, such as door handles, the coffee machine and iPad.

Our employees have been asked not to use the coffee machine in the reception area until further notice. We are also trying to minimize the traffic in the reception area as much as possible.

We ask that anyone visiting us please follow these guidelines;

  • Please use the hand sanitizer located directly on the right side after passing the entrance door.
  • Maintain at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance between yourself and others at all times.
  • Use the hand sanitizer on the right side of the front office window before touching the iPad.
  • If you have a fever, cough and/or difficulty breathing, please do not visit us. Seek medical attention.

New GPC website!

Welcome to the new GPC website!

After 22 years of business we though it was about time we had a website. We opted for a clean design with the basic information to make it fast, simple to use and to-the-point. We hope you like it! 🙂