Article in newest issue of Moderne Transport

GPC is featured in the newest issue of the Norwegian trade journal Moderne Transport. It is also featured on their website (in Norwegian):

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A month into the new chapter of GPC

We would like to thank employees, customers and our collaboration partners for their hard work, patience, and dedication in making our new terminal fully operational. Most of the hurdles of getting everything in place, and realizing the true potential of the new building, is now behind us.

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First unit built at new terminal!

Our first unit has been finalized at our new location, and will leave with SK 907 to Newark today at 10:45!

Fittingly, it was built by our longtime employee Ambrosi with over 20 years of experience. We dare to claim that he has built more 161 PMC that anyone in the world!

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Thank you for attending!

Tommy Hagen and Torgil Stålberg in front of our rollup.

Thanks to all who attended the Future of Norwegian Seafood Air Logistics conference, and thank you for all the kind words and encouragement on our new terminal!

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The Future of Norwegian Seafood Air Logistics

We are a sponsor of this years Future of Norwegian Seafood Air Logistics! It will be held September 19th in Quality Airport Hotel Gardemoen.

Our General Manager Torgil Stålberg will hold a short presentation of our new warehouse and attend the panel for “Infrastructure & Innovative Technology“. Also on this panel will be Jon Tallberg, the Marketing Director of Oslo Airport City.

Our Operational Manager Tommy Hagen will attend a visit to the construction site of the new warehouse between 09:00 and 10:00 on September 20th.

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Gardermoen Perishable Center AS (GPC) is building a new logistics center for seafood.

The logistics center will cover a minimum of 20.000m2 and be located in the new Oslo Airport City district. It will be completed in 2023. The terminal will hold a high environmental standard, with an almost unlimited capacity to export fresh Norwegian seafood by air and land to the world. The terminal is a joint project between OAC and Gardermoen Perishable Center AS.

The storage capacity will be around 2700 metric tonnes of seafood at any given time. This equates to 3600 euro pallets and 130 ready-built air cargo pallets.

The production capacity is around 25 air cargo pallets per hour.
The unloading and loading capacity will be approximately 30 full semi-trailers per hour. The warehouse will have 40 loading docks to handle euro pallets and up to 6 additional bays for air cargo pallets.

-With our new logistics center, we are creating a hub for Norwegian seafood export. Our customers will be offered a complete product for delivering seafood targeted for both overseas and European markets. We will be a neutral option for all airlines, freight forwarders, exporters, transporters, and other parties within the seafood segment.

The location just outside of the central area at Oslo Airport gives us better possibilities to offer services beyond solely air cargo. There will be excellent access from the main roads as well as to the airport. We will be given a significant opportunity to expand our services within logistics and storage.

The warehouse will be state-of-the-art and be able to handle seafood efficiently with high quality of service. The building will represent a new standard, with an environmental strategy and BREEAM certification*. Quality and sustainability will both be central in our offer to customers.

The capacity for unloading, loading, storage, and production will be significantly increased. We look forward to showing our new building when it is ready in mid-2023, says managing director Torgil Stålberg.

*BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for masterplanning projects, infrastructure and buildings.

About Gardermoen Perishable Center AS.
Gardermoen Perishable Center AS is a leading actor in distributing seafood as air cargo from our established warehouse at Oslo Airport to destinations worldwide.
The company was established in October 1998 in connection to the opening of Oslo Airport at Gardermoen. We have close to 100 employees.
The company is now developing its business following the growth of the Norwegian seafood industry.

Contact information:
Torgil Stålberg, Managing Director.
Tel: +47 95 93 83 13

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Export to China

In accordance with new demands from Chinese authorities Gardermoen Perishable Center is now registered for export of seafood to China. This means that we will be able to receive and process all shipments to China. For more information on the topic we kindly refer you to the Norwegian Food Authorities (Mattilsynet).

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Measures taken due to the Corona-situation

Starting immediately we have implemented some measures due to the current situation. We have more than doubled the amount of cleaners, who will also take extra care of cleaning any and all surfaces that are exposed to human interaction, such as door handles, the coffee machine and iPad.

Our employees have been asked not to use the coffee machine in the reception area until further notice. We are also trying to minimize the traffic in the reception area as much as possible.

We ask that anyone visiting us please follow these guidelines;

  • Please use the hand sanitizer located directly on the right side after passing the entrance door.
  • Maintain at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance between yourself and others at all times.
  • Use the hand sanitizer on the right side of the front office window before touching the iPad.
  • If you have a fever, cough and/or difficulty breathing, please do not visit us. Seek medical attention.

New GPC website!

Welcome to the new GPC website!

After 22 years of business we though it was about time we had a website. We opted for a clean design with the basic information to make it fast, simple to use and to-the-point. We hope you like it! 🙂